"The summit is calling, we are all coming!" : Transnational Mobilisationtour for Freedom of Movement, Autonomy and Good Life - instead of G7!

The tragedy in the Mediteranean Sea, the numerous deaths of refugees had put the focus on the international migration politics for a short time. But again the only answer of the many death people is the call for border closure and military action. With their restrictive migration politics the G7 states do not fullfill their obligation in giving entry for people seeking refuge and protection.
By looking at the cause of migration the direct link to the G7 politics can be seen, such as "landgrabbing", "militarization" and "free trade markets".
During the talk, members of the initiave "La Terre est pour Tous" - "The Earth is for everbody" from Tunisia, and members of "Voix de migrants" - "Voice of migrants", aswell as the "International Coalition of Sans Papiers and Migrants" (CISPM) will talk about their work and give a transnational perspective. Afterwards there will be shown a part of the theater "Hurria!" - arabic for "freedom!", from the tunesian artist Riadh Ben Ammar. A theatre about revolution and freedom of movement.

The international activists are touring through Germany and give infos why people are fighting worldwide against the G7 states.
With this they want to mobilize to come to the protests against the G7 summit
And they want to invite to a discussion in solidarity and to work on a network south-north and south-south: What are the conditions and similarities of our fights? How can south and north together change the political conditions?

Souad Rouahi and Mohamed Ben Smida: Initiative La Terre est Pour Tous, they connect families of missing refugees together with deportees (arabic "harraga") and artists.

Touré Moussa (Ivory Cost/living in Germany), engaged with Voix des Migrants and the Network in Germany for the International Coalition of Sans-Papiers, Migrants and Refugees (CISPM).

Riadh Ben Ammar: Tunesian activists and theater producer, came 15 years ago as an irregular migrant ("harraga") to Germany. In his play "Hurria!", arabic for "freedom!", he shows the diverse fights for freedom (of movement) during the tunisian revolution 2011, given from the perspective of an "harraga".

translation to french, arabic and german
(english translation possible if needed)
Sa  30.05. | 19.30 H | Allerweltshaus  |  Körnerstraße 77-79  |  Köln

part I - Impact of the G7 on the countries of Latinamerica
with activsts from Mexico, Honduras and Ecuador
talk in spanisch, translation into german, english if needed

Fr 29.05.  |  19.00 H  |  AZ Autonomes Zentrum Köln  |  Luxemburgerstr. 93  |  Köln